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There’s always something fun going on for campers to enjoy, with new activities and events happening weekly. Every week there are lots of new activities for campers to enjoy.” image=”773″]

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We believe that money should never be a barrier that prevents a child from exploring interests, learning new skills, or engaging in a community.  Because of this, we are dedicated to making our site offerings inclusive and available to any child that wishes to engage with them. That is why The Curiosity Camp and all of its materials are free for all.

Want to Help Support the Cause?

This site is completely volunteer run, but keeping it up and going does cost money.  If you enjoy our offerings (or just agree with our mission), please consider supporting us on Patreon.  This helps with the cost of running the site, as well as expanding our offer wish list – including the ability to mail out seasonal “Happy Camper” boxes to those interested in receiving them.



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